Expanding the knowledge and appeal of remanufacturing at a high level lies at the center of the 2020 World Remanufacturing Summit in Milan on March 2-3.

Organized under the auspices of Milan’s technical university, Politecnico di Milan (Polimi) with the support of the Government of Lomb

ardia, Italy’s foremost industrial region, the Summit is set to become Europe’s leading remanufacturing event in 2020.

The additional support of the “Four Motors for Europe,” the regional European network comprising Auvergne-Rhône Alpes (France), Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany), Catalonia (Spain) and Lombardy (Italy) further emphasizes the summit’s truly transnational character as the world increasingly recognizes the benefits of remanufacturing.

The Four Motors for Europe produce goods and services amounting to more than 1.3 trillion Euros a year, which is equivalent to just under 9 % of the EU’s economic output.

Reflecting the event’s high level content, the list of speakers is made up of some of the world’s foremost experts from a wide range of remanufacturing segments. They include Vaughn Henson, Business Development Director of Missouri-based Springfield Remanufacturing Company, one of the world’s pioneering remanufacturing companies, Nabil Nasr, the leading US reman expert, Professors Tullio Tolio of Polimi, and Germany’s Rolf Steinhilper who until his retirement last year was renowned as the a driving force behind the development of remanufacturing in Europe

for a quarter of a century.

In addition to keynote speeches by top industry figures from the European, American and Asian remanufacturing communities, attendees, including prominent names from Italian industry, will be gathered to network and exchange views on research and industry related collaboration offered by the advent of the digital era.

“We’re delighted to be part of the World Remanufacturing Summit series,” said Professor Marcello Colledani of the Department of Mechanical Engineering – Manufacturing and Production Systems at Milano Politecnico.

“Milano Politechnico is active in a broad range of activities focusing on sustainability issues of which remanufacturing is a key component.

Bringing the World Remanufacturing Summit to Italy, will contribute to familiarize Italian industry with remanufacturing and its importance to sustainability and preservation of the earths’ dwindling resources. We’re looking forward to welcoming the global remanufacturing community to the first ever event of this type in Italy.”

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World Remanufacturing Summit, Milan, Italy, March 2-3, 2020. Click here to see more

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