US Congressman Joe Morelle, issues appeal to remanufacturers to engage with policy makers at local, state and national levels.

By Niels V Christiansen, US Editor

As a lawmaker representing the Rochester, New York, area for 35 years in local, state and federal government, US Congressman Joe Morelle doesn’t just know the reman story, he is a part of it.

It is a story, he says, of vital importance in the age of disruptive changes in manufacturing and concerns about resource depletion, energy effi ciency, and the environment. As a key component of a sustainable future circular economy, reman has enormous potential impact also in terms of jobs and the economy.

“If you’re not dealing with policy makers back home in your state legislatures or your members of Congress, I would encourage you to do so,” Morelle told the attendees at the Rochester conference.

As a state legislator and New York Assembly Majority Leader, and since 2017 as a Congressman, Morelle has held close ties to Dr. Nabil Nasr and Rochester Institute of Technology for several decades. He was instrumental in New York adopting a law requiring state authorities to prioritize the purchase of remanufactured products through the state procurement process, among many other reman related achievements.

”One of the things I hope to do in congress and that I think we did pretty effectively in New York, is to communicate to other policy makers the real value of what you do, and how to tap into this potential for the future,” he told the conference.

”Literally trillions of dollars can be on the table in terms of what you can add to not only our regional, but our national and international economy.”

”We need to tell policy makers that products ought to be designed up front so that they will have a life cycle that goes on and on and on. If policy makers thought about it, think of the things that we could do economically, from an energy point of view, from an environmental point of view. There is no greater time in human history where we need to think about this. You’re at the right place, at the right time. its just letting people know.”

”I don’t think policy makers have understood the value of what you can bring to the table. It is enormopus. It is amazing, particularly now where we’re dealing with probably the most disruptive period, economically and technologically, in human history.”

For those remanufacturers who might find talking to members of Congress or their staff a luxury time,they can’t afford, Morelle added:

“If you don’t tell the story, somebody else will, and they may not tell it the way you want it told.”

Magazine, January 2020

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