Professor Marcello Colledani

In keeping with world-wide advances towards greater environmental sustainability of which remanufacturing is a major component, a significant new player is now arriving on the scene. In September 2019 Italy will host the European segment of the World Remanufacturing Summits, a series of business-academic conferences designed to promote collaboration between universities, research institutions and business leaders.

Founded in 2012 to facilitate interaction between key players, such as leading educational institutions and industrial companies across the world within the field of remanufacturing, the annual Summits have so far been held in Bayreuth (Germany), Rochester and New York (USA), Beijing (China), Singapore (South East Asia) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands), according to its concept of rotating between the US, Europe and Asia.

The Summits are designed to demonstrate the importance and the opportunities of scientific/academic research to remanufacturers worldwide, through the development of innovative technologies, systems and strategies for creating jobs. Overall, the aim is to increase competitiveness and process efficiency and thus to save energy and to ensure political benefits, in terms of independency from fluctuations in the primary material market. Accordingly, the events focus on strengthening the link between remanufacturing research and industries involved in this field, with the aim to bring the societal benefits to a broader audience.

Planned for September 2019, the organizer of the Italian event is Politecnico di Milano, Italy’s largest educational institute for engineering and related fields and one of Europe’s ten top universities. Because of its location at the centre of Lombardy, Italy’s industrial and financial heartland, Milan offers easy access from all parts of Europe and beyond, and the 2019 Summit is is expected to attract international experts, business executives and researchers from across the world.

“We’re delighted to be part of the World Remanufacturing Summit series,” said Professor Marcello Colledani of the Department of Mechanical Engineering – Manufacturing and Production Systems.

“Politecnico di Milano is active in a broad range of activities focusing on sustainability issues, of which remanufacturing is a key component. Bringing next year’s World Remanufacturing Summit to Italy will enrich the Italian industrial landscape with new opportunities towards responsible production and preservation of the earths’ dwindling resources. We’re looking forward to welcoming the global remanufacturing community to the first event of this type in Italy.”

World Remanufacturing Summit, Milan, Italy, March 2-3, 2020. Click here to see more

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